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I originally contacted Diana for reflexology when I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease and sciatica, however, the week I was due to see her I discovered that I was seven weeks pregnant. Diana assured me that this need not be a problem and that she could provide treatment for my back as well as relief from common pregnancy ailments.

The reflexology sessions were great and I especially appreciated the peace of mind I got from talking to someone with so much experience. I felt I could ask her anything or just relax and enjoy the treatment.

Diana has a way of listening and putting your mind at rest which to me was as valuable as the relaxing effects of the reflexology. I don't know what I would have done without her throughout my pregnancy and I would gladly recommend her services. I now consider her a good friend.


I have been seeing Diana regularly for over a year now and have found my sessions with her incredibly relaxing. Diana was brilliant at helping with all my pregnancy aches and pains and has been fantastic in helping me get back to my normal self after my daughter’s birth. I visit her every two weeks for an hour of relaxation and peace and thoroughly enjoy my sessions!


I started reflexology before our first cycle of IVF treatment, and continued through a second cycle, through the pregnancy, and still (although less frequently) after the birth of our twins.

I found the sessions with Diana to be helpful in different ways -

• I was over the moon to find someone who had the relevant qualification and so much experience of working with people who have fertility problems, who are pregnant, and who have just given birth.

• Diana's knowledge about the body and changes taking place within it was both educational and reassuring for me at all stages, but especially between scans.

Diana helped me feel I wasn't the only person going through this.

I would recommend reflexology with Diana during fertility treatment as it helped me to keep calm, positive and relaxed. I was so glad to find such a friendly, enthusiastic and supportive person to help us through quite a difficult time, and I would like to feel she is now a friend.


My deepest thanks to Diana for her trust, generosity, inspiration and confidence in me. When we met my world was falling apart and she used her expertise and skills in reflexology treating me. Diana has guided me over four years into a state of balance. It's been a slow ongoing journey, sometimes arduous, yet she never gave up on me.

She worked hard using reflexology to restore me, opening up energy channels in my body and reviving stability, and this has given me back belief in myself. She has never forgotten to remind me that reflexology is all-encompassing and now I can cope with the ups and downs of daily life.

Many thanks Diana - you came into my life for a reason.


Diana has provided me with many reflexology treatments over the years. I was impressed with the improvement to my physical and mental health during the difficult times when I was undergoing fertility treatments.

Reflexology brought relief regarding fairly severe morning sickness and fatigue. I am convinced that Diana has great skill as a reflexologist and is a perceptive and sensitive person who utilises these gifts to assist her in treating her clients.

I was amazed during my last pregnancy when I conceived naturally rather than through fertility treatment. Nobody was aware of my pregnancy and even I was unsure as it was at such an early stage and seemed so unlikely, given our fertility problems. Within minutes of touching my feet Diana commented that she could feel significant heat and energy in the part of my foot which corresponded to my womb and she asked whether I might be pregnant. A few days later it was confirmed that I was indeed pregnant!

I heartily recommend Diana both as a practitioner and as an honest and reliable person.


I had regular reflexology as I suffered consistently from cystitis and bladder infections. Diana worked deeply relieving symptoms and the stress that was related to having these problems, I always felt much happier within myself when I had a treatment from her.

I have moved now and not managed to find a reflexologist as dedicated and sincere as Diana.


I started having reflexology after the birth of my first daughter, due to the trauma of her birth. I found it soothing and that it assisted the healing process of my body. Due to the effectiveness of reflexology I continued to see Diana through my second pregnancy, which helped keep me relaxed and to prepare my body for the birth.


When I started receiving reflexology I was going through a very difficult and stressful time and found having my feet touched quite painful. Looking back, I realise how unhealthy my body must have been. It took over a year of regular sessions for Diana to work my feet comfortably and, I believe, to heal my body. Now sessions are very relaxing and I believe they remove build up of tension within my body, maintaining my health pro-actively.

Conversations with Diana are interesting, informative and positive. I think she is an inspirational person, always genuinely supportive and understanding. I would thoroughly recommend Diana as a reflexologist.


Reflexology is essential to my wellbeing. I feel as if my entire system has been worked through and naturally this benefits me mentally as well! I have a colon that reacts to stress, emotion and changes in diet and water and have found reflexology a great aid. It has proved distinctly beneficial for my asthma, as well as symptoms of polymyalgia rheumatica where almost all pain has disappeared.

I have persuaded friends to experience the benefits of reflexology with positive results as they discovered the stress of modern-day living can be countered with a session.


I had reflexology with Diana after having a miscarriage and finding it hard to recover and fall pregnant again. I found it relaxing and informative and I am sure that it helped me come back into balance again. Alexander is now eighteen months old and keeping me very busy.


I began reflexology after unsuccessfully trying to conceive and having read in a fertility magazine that it could help. I'm rather uptight and a great worrier by nature and this, coupled with the stress of fertility testing and constant disappointments, was taking a toll.

Reflexology completely relaxed my body and mind, thus enabling me to put things into perspective. I felt more aligned, had more energy and started to sleep better. My cycle became more regular and I felt more positive. I became pregnant but sadly miscarried at 6 weeks, however three months later I was pregnant again and went on to have a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

Throughout this time I had reflexology as I found the relaxation invaluable and it helped with any pregnancy niggles. For me it enabled my mind and body to work together allowing conception to occur. I wouldn't hesitate to use reflexology again and indeed intend to when we decide to try for baby number two.


After putting my back out moving furniture, within days of intensive reflexology working the relevant zones Diana helped bring about complete relief to an already troublesome area.

With the onset of menopause reflexology controlled the symptoms without negative side effects.

I had severe eczema for years that perseverance with reflexology eventually brought under control.

Lastly, reflexology is a perfect relief for stress.


Having suffered from chronic eczema for most of my life, stress levels became so great 19 years ago that I lost my hair completely and it has not re-grown.

I had regular reflexology with Diana, who managed to keep me on an even keel, and it has become a very important and necessary part of my life.

I can heartily recommend Diana as a reflexologist, she has always been an extremely kind and caring person, and when she re-located to Britain she was sorely missed.


I started a course of six treatments with Diana, following an accident. They were of enormous help and I continued with regular appointments as the benefits of reflexology became obvious.

There have been numerous issues in the past year that Diana has been able to help me with, neck and lower back problems in particular.

Diana is kind, sympathetic, extremely knowledgeable and honest. A highly accomplished practitioner with years of experience and expertise, I would recommend Diana and reflexology.


I approached Diana quite early on in my latest pregnancy, when I learned I was carrying twins. Knowing about the extra trials and tribulations that come hand-in-hand with a twin pregnancy, both for foetuses and the mother, I was determined to do everything I could to make the 9 months run as smoothly as possible for the three of us.

I found Diana to be a devoted, caring, sensitive and intuitive practitioner. With her nursing background adding to her wealth of experience I found my regular reflexology sessions to be immensely therapeutic. I am in no doubt the treatment received from Diana throughout my pregnancy was a contributing factor in my delivering two healthy babies at full term and without the need for a caesarean section. Post-natally Diana helped my hormones to re-balance themselves and I was fully fit in no time at all.

If I find myself ailing in any way, it is to Diana that I would go first as I believe that the healing power of reflexology is the best start on the road to recovery.


Reflexology has changed my life! Having a knee and back problem I had to take pain relief on most days, since having regular sessions with Diana I rarely need to. Diana intuitively picks up on my pain and has helped me cope with many other ailments.


Thank you very much for your fantastic help and support during my pregnancy and afterwards. Your experience and energy as a reflexologist is wonderful. I have really enjoyed each visit and you have helped me so much!


Reflexology helps me to relax and gives me a feeling of calm.

I have problems with anxiety that reflexology helps relieve and without it I would have much more severe panic attacks, it helps to keep these at a manageable level.


I contacted Diana in the first instance with psoriatic arthritis and have now been seeing her for almost a year.

Diana's treatment is always professional, and not only has she helped greatly with my painful joints, but I also have a lovely sense of well-being whenever I have seen her. I have come to very much enjoy the hour I have with Diana every 2 weeks, and really feel that she puts her all into treating her patients.

Thank you Diana.


I first started to see Diana in June 2010 after suffering for a long time with sciatica and back pain due to being born with a dislocated hip, which has been operated on twice. I had reflexology before but I hadn't had any for over 18 months due to my last lot of surgery.

I was very impressed with Diana's qualifications and was especially pleased that she has training as an orthopaedic nurse given my history.

It took a few sessions but slowly I began to be in less pain and needed less painkillers, now 10 months down the track I rarely take painkillers.

I have and will continue to recommend Diana's services to friends and family as without her I would still be taking painkillers on a daily basis.


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