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Body brushing

Skin brushing is a highly effective technique for cleansing the lymphatic system.

The brush should be a long-handled, bath-type brush. It is essential that it has natural vegetable bristles, usually found at a health shop. It should be kept dry and not used for bathing.

When one performs skin brushing the body should be kept dry and the brush should pass once over every part of the body except the face. There must not be any back and forth motion, circular motion, scrubbing nor massaging. One clean sweep does the trick! The direction of the brushing should be towards the main lymph glands.

Brush from the toes up towards the groin. Brush from the umbilicus down to the groin. Above the umbilicus towards the under arms. From the fingers towards the armpits. Brush down the neck and trunk. It is permissible to brush across the top of the shoulders and upper back, as the best contact with the skin is made that way.

Skin brushing should be performed once or, if desired, twice per day. A complete skin brushing takes no longer than four or five minutes and is highly stimulating and invigorating. It would take twenty or thirty minutes of loofah or Turkish towel massage to get similar effect.

It is not unusual for ones stools to contain some lymph mucoid a day or two after beginning skin brushing. This just represents an emptying out of the backlog of fresh lymph mucoid present in the lymphatic system and is a lymph purifying effect.

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